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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  July 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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nigh --ecaptions by vitac -- good evening. i'm diane dwyer. we have new information tonight on that officer-involved shooting in the bayview this weekend. san francisco police now say they have recovered the gun that was used to shoot at police, but some witnesses say the suspect never shot at anyone. elise kirschner joins us live from the bayview police department with this latest development. elise? >> reporter: diane, sfpd here says with the help of witnesses, they were able to recover a gun, a gun they say that suspect used before he was shot and killed. now there were a lot of people at the scene of that shooting here in the bayview community. so cell phones were actually
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able to capture the aftermath. i want to show you some of that video now. this is video posted on youtube. and we have frozen this picture to show what may be a gun on the sidewalk. it appears to have a black handle and silver barrel. police say this is key evidence in the shooting that happened yesterday afternoon near a bayview train platform. officers say they were chasing a 19-year-old suspect who did not pay his fare on muni. that's when authorities say the man opened fire as he ran. police returned fire and killed him. video of the incident shows a handgun near the shooting, and with help from witnesses, this afternoon police identified the man who authorities say took the gun from the scene. the recent violence has angered people in the community. overnight demonstrators gathered in san francisco's mission neighborhood, protesting the officer-involved shooting. and community activists are already planning a press conference for tomorrow to demand an independent investigation into the latest officer-involved homicide. >> the shooting in the back of
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randall declan last january. the recent shooting by bart police of charles blair. and now black youth are being told it is not confirmed, but, you know, we've got a lot of tips on our hotlines since yesterday, possibly autistic, which adds yet another dimension to that senseless killing. >> reporter: but again, it has not been confirmed the suspect was autistic. because of the ongoing investigation, authorities have not released the young man's name. and as far as that press conference at noon tomorrow, it will be held at the corner of third street and oakdale avenue here in the city. for now we're live in san francisco, elise kirschner, nbc bay area news, thanks for the update, elise. in addition to this weekend's deadly shooting in the bayview, several people were killed in oakland. and oscar grant's best friend was killed at a hayward gas station on friday. so in oakland today, community leaders used the recent violence as incentive to help troubled
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teenagers. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is in oakland with a remarkable pilot program called "a new way forward." kimberly? >> reporter: diane, the goal today was recruit 150 volunteer mentors. now bay area cares, that group went out and doubled that number to 300 volunteers that will now head out into the community and spend time with youth that are at risk. now the pilot program, a new way forward, was launched a few months ago. it's meant to find and train mentors with the gel of reducing crime and violence among young african-americans. today wrapped up the group's third recruitment and training event. the mentors came from all over the bay area. some came as far away as santa cruz, and they come from all walks of life. one of the mentors we talked to says she has seen the escalating violence in the african-american community and really wanted to get involved. she says this weekend's violence, including the deadly shooting of african-americans in hayward, san francisco, and oakland should serve as a call to action.
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>> it's a reminder, a reminder that we have a lot of work to do, that our children are hurting, and that they don't know how to constructively focus that energy into another direction. and so that is what -- it's fuel to go out and help those who are crying for help, because that's a definite cry for help. and so i am answering the cry. >> money for this pilot program is coming from the department of education, thanks to help from congresswoman barbara lee. now if this program is successful, it will be rolled out in 56 other cities across the united states. the group does plan to have two more recruitment and training sessions. and if you are interested in getting involved, you can log on to that's cares for more information. live in oakland, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly.
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for the first time in many years, the budget battle in california did not last through most of the summer. but political analyst larry gerston says it's a little known fact that while the budget wrangling was going on, the state was also carving out new policies. one of the new policies is a much softer stance on illegal immigration. kris sanchez sat down with gerston this morning and has a look at some of the changes. >> first, let's start with the question of why the shift in direction. >> a couple of things here. look, not so long ago, it was in the other directionality together. we voted in english as the state's official language. we voted out affirmative action, all these things. californians were hostile to illegal immigrants. but all that has changed. it's changed tremendously in the last couple of years. why? now we're seeing efforts to allow in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants, aid for undocumented immigrants, all that is changing the tone in california. >> and let's talk about the reason behind that.
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is it politics? economics? sociological? what is it? >> latinos are now approaching 40% of the population. that's an awful lot of voices to be heard. and policymakers are aware of that. another thing, the governor and the legislature are both of the same party now. that's rare in california. and they're on the same page. so with that they're likely to be together when it comes to major policy initiatives much more than they might have been in the past. third, i think it also speaks to the determination of one legislator in particular, gil said dia who has been persistent. >> a lot of pills on immigration is federal. what does this mean for the state? >> for the state it means that no doubt further incorporation of latinos into california's mainstream, no question about it. and for the democrats, it means a continued wooing of latinos. and they've been very successful in garnering latino appreciation. so that puts the republicans a little bit outside the mainstream, gives them something to think about it.
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no doubt about it, however, the more californians that move in this direction, the more the rest of the nation will listen. >> okay. thank you very much, larry. a 40-year-old man is in the hospital tonight after being the victim of a hit-and-run in antioch. it happened near the corner of a street and eighth at 4:00 yesterday afternoon in broad daylight. police say he was hit by a white sedan similar to a nissan sentra. antioch police are asking anyone with potential information to call them. there are reports tonight that bart's former general manager, who was fired from her job, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in napa. the chronicle is reporting that dorothy dugger failed a field sobriety test thursday night after a napa county sheriff spotted her chrysler weaving near silverado trail. earlier this year she received close to a million dollars severance package from bart when she was fired from her position as bart's general manager. dugger told the chronicle she was under extreme stress over a
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relative's health and fighting with the caregivers. another arrest in britain's phone hacking scandal. this one apparently a surprise even to the woman arrested. and -- >> it's the world's largest animal. 110-foot animal. you realize how small you actually are when you're next to one. >> we'll share a glimpse of the blue whales off san francisco trying to hours tryi tspot. whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back!
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and it's as big as ever. i'm gonna jump it! you can't jump that! it's two chicken patties, topped with bacon, and melting cheese plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99! what do you know? your only a baby! vrrrrooooom! i'm t-rex and i came out of extinction cuz i heard the combo was back! and that got a million hits? yep. why do we even make commercials anymore? 'cause you like to be in them. women's world cup action took the bay area and much of the country by storm this afternoon with a dramatic finish. thousands of bay area families and soccer fans gathered at civic center plaza in san francisco to watch the u.s. take on japan in the world cup final. most rooted for the u.s., some
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for japan. but in the end, it was really all about celebrating the game of women's soccer. >> i'm a huge soccer fan. i think it's the best game in the world, because the players play in different countries. there is a wonderful sportsmanship about the game. it's the world's game. that's why i love it. there is no way in the world i wouldn't be here. >> this year's usa team was unable to do what the u.s. did 12 years ago. the team lost to japan in penalty kicks, 3-1. we'll have more highlights, including that dramatic finish, coming up in sports. still ahead at 6:00, we'll show you what attracted tens of thousands of people to san francisco, all for a good cause. and we're wrapping up the weekend with some pretty nice weather. look at that you've got sunshine in oakland. still kind of chilly outside as we watch the low clouds clear out. look what is happening up on the coast. we've got some showers approaching that north bay coastline. a look uan apdated seven-day forecast.
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british police made another high-profile arrest today in the news of the world scandal. they arrested the former editor of that paper who is also one of rupert murdoch's closest executives that development comes as britain's police chief paul stevens announced that he was stepping down as well because of the substantial. nbc's chapman bell has the latest from london. >> reporter: rebecca brooks was arrested today in london in connection with the investigation of the news of the world. brooks is a former editor of the paper, and until friday she was chief executive of news international, which is a british wing of rupert murdoch's news corps. the british officially announced earlier today a 43-year-old woman had been arrested and was being arrested on suspicion of
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conspireing to intercept communications and suspicion of corruption which we later learned to be rebecca brooks. these charges would relate to phone hacking and bribes. brooks has said to her spokesperson that she voluntarily attended a prearrangement appointment to assist in the investigation. the arrest comes on day which the news gave full-page apologies in several british newspapers saying they would be fully cooperating with the police. it also comes a couple of days before brooks as well as rupert murdoch and his son james are due to give evidence, or to speak to a committee rather in parliament here in britain. and this arrest might affect the outcome of what she is in fact able to say at this hearing on tuesday. now that she has been arrested by the police. chatman bell, nbc news, london. nearly 25,000 people took part in san francisco's 25th annual aids walk this morning. for some more numbers, more than
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$74 million has been raised for bay area hiv/aids service organization since the first aids walk back in 1987. opening ceremony speakers included san francisco mayor ed lee. organizers say without the funding the programs could not operate. >> now of course it's a manageable disease. but it's still a very serious one. and with two new infections a day in san francisco, our prevention programs, our outreach programs, our awareness programs are very, very important. and the support from aids walk is what allows us to make those programs happen. >> organizers say they hope to raise about $3 million today. and it was a gorgeous day outside, perhaps for that walk, or to have watched some soccer. let's check in with rob mayeda. i'm hoping this is a trend? >> to get to warmer temperatures. >> yes. >> by the end of the week next weekend, i think we'll finally feel a lot more like july. today not so much. we've got the sunshine out there. but the temperature is kind of staying down. 60s and 70s around san jose and oakland and hayward. be you can see santa cruz pretty
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nice place to be, 76 degrees. 83 in morgan hill and 75 degrees in livermore, kind of chilly for this time of year. seam story as you get off to the north bay, we had the temperatures mostly in the 60s and 70s. even san rafael only 70 today and mid-70s around fairfield over towards napa. right now 69 degrees in san jose. it is a sweatshirt evening no matter where you are, not just for san francisco where it looks gorgeous, chilly clear skies for the moment, 67 degrees. there you see the west wind at 15 miles per hour. now we did get the low clouds to break up which was a nice end to the weekend for your outdoor plans as some dryer air kind of mix down into the marine layer, breck it up. so we did break out the sunshine. but that is cooler air that is spilling down from the bay area. from areas off to the north, we have a system that is approaching the coast, which is actually tossing some showers out here. you can see them off to the west of eureka. you may see some of these drifts north of ukiah late tomorrow. what the system is going to do is reinforce the ocean sea breeze and the air coming in off
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the northwest. we just can't warm up in this pattern with this trough hung up across the west coast. on tuesday temperatures start to rise on up. for the meantime, we'll probably get some more low clouds forming overnight with patchy drizzle both for tomorrow morning and tuesday morning. then as we pass wednesday and thursday, high pressure starts to build back, in and a more typical july pattern. we get all the microclimates at work again. 60s on the coast. 70s probably for san francisco next weekend, and then 80s and 90s inland probably starting around thursday. this week. temperatures around the bay area tonight. we'll see mostly 50s, maybe some upper 40s around the north bay before the low clouds start to fill back in, and our temperatures for tomorrow. you saw the highs we had today. it looks a lot like we saw today, with temperatures in the low 80s. closer to morgan hill. 70s again around san jose and fremont. maybe a degree or two warmer than we had today. mid-60s again for san francisco with some drizzle possible. especially on the marin county coastline northward for tomorrow morning. and bet you tuesday morning or monday night we'll probably see
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some drizzle, or maybe some light showers there in the far north bay. but as the system gets out of here, now we can enjoy that summer weather with the temperatures coming up into the 80s and 90s. but not too hot. not nearly as bad as what they're seeing across most of the country. >> looks like a lovely forecast. i'll take it. thank you, rob. still ahead at 6:00, it's that time of year when blue whales might grade. we'll take you on a a bayrea wh bayrea whale watching expedition. you're not going to miss this. look at that.
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in the bay area, many of us boast that you can go from city to forest in just 20 minutes. well, in 20 miles you can also come face-to-face with the world's largest living creatures. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. takes us on quite a boat ride. lucky him. >> all right. now i'm starting to see some waters. >> reporter: it's very easy for
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captain tom berno to pinpoint the moment he became interested in whales. >> i was 7 years old. and there was a humpback whale that came over to my grandfather's boat while we were fishing. and he was watching us. >> reporter: it's fitting that all these years later he is helping others share that experience. >> i'm heading for some deeper water where i found a lot of whales and krill and stuff over the past couple weeks. >> reporter: today he is at the helm of the kitty cat, san francisco whale watching tour's main vessel. on board several visitors hoping he can deliver a blue whale. >> starting to see a lot more bird life in the water. that's good. >> reporter: he heads 20 miles outside the golden gate into the bumpy waters of the gulf of the fairlons. in the last few weeks he has seen a steady run of migrating blue whales here. now he follows their trail.
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>> i look for all the signs of life. birds are great indicator because they eat the same stuff that whales too. okay. that's the first blow. >> suddenly there is a blast of water in the dance, the tail breaking the surface. >> it's the world's largest animal. 110-foot animal. you realize how small you actually are when you're next to them. >> two of them! >> reporter: soon a pair of humpback whales pull up to the boat. >> we see the tail flip and you get to see the backs, the hump when they go over. so it still is exciting because they're so big, so large. >> you know, i see people and their reaction. and some people are very moved by just being close to them in their domain. >> reporter: with a slew of photos of waterspouts and an occasional tail, the visitors went home, a bit seasick, but happy. >> all i can say, it was worth coming out and taking the journey to see it. and if you don't follow your dreams, no one is going to do it
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for you. >> reporter: and that's a dream he knows very well, one he gets to relive every time he guess to work. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> i must say, it's even exciting seeing it on television. now for a look what is coming up in sports, we want to check in with jim. maybe a little soccer action going on? >> they're just might be. >> do you think? >> hang in there, diane. i'll let you know. i think there. also, we've got some giants to look at. they try to go for the series win in southern california against the pesky padres. and the u.s. women's soccer team in a riveting thriller in the world cup final that came down to the last kick. that's all coming up in just a moment. plus, the a's make history on '80s day at the coliseumowhed ckheba clock and entered the record books, next. c
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and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> and good evening, everyone. i'm jim kozimor. a compelling match for the women's world cup find today in germany. the usa, a world soccer power against japan, playing for the soul of a nation devastated by the earthquake and tsunami just four months ago. japan and usa taking the pitch in germany. we go to extra time. game tied at one. abby wambach, she is all alone right in the center at the 16 yard box. the header is in the net. the first player to score in all three rounds. the 117th minute off a japan corner. we go to the shoot-out. u.s. down 2-0 in pks. abby wambach buries hers.
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but then 20-year-old sake scores and japan wins in penalty kicks, 3-1. they're the women's world cup champs. giants and padres. giants trail by one. one on for andres torres, single to right. eli whiteside, who had stolen a base earlier, comes around to score. game tied. extras top of the 11th. emmanuel burris, tempted to lay down the squeeze. it work. giants win 4-3. they take three of four in san diego. here is more on the giants' win. >> well, on a very nice sunday afternoon, so nice that why not go into extra innings. that's what the giants and padres did. they made all these fans happy. nobody wanted to go home. 12 innings, and they win with a suicide squeeze. and they win with great defense in the bottom of the 12th. >> well, they went with a stolen base. that really was a weapon that the giants employed the entire 11 innings today.
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they took advantage of the padres. and that really was the difference in the ball game. but you got the hand it to matt cain really got put behind the eight ball a couple of times. he pitched out of it, really saved his defense and kept the game close. but the giants down 3-2, clawed to tie the score. and then of course it went ahead and clawed for another run in the 11th inning to win this game. really one of the games that you look back, there were a lot of heroes. you got to have games like this. i know one thing, they have energy coming home. which the win the giants back to 14 games over .500. dodgers are coming in. let's go back to the studio. let's go angel's and a's. bottom of the first, 3-0 a's. bases loaded for conor jackson. third home run of the year for jackson. seven runs without an out in the inning. top of the second, gio gonzalez strikes out the side. mark trumbull swinging.
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bobby wilson swinging. you're a's win. kate long worth has more from celebrate the '80s day. >> well, they were the winning esteem in the american league west. and on turn back the clock day here at the coliseum, the a's looked reminiscent of the bash brothers. >> there is no magical solution. we just have to win games. we have to find ways to win the games. we have to win the close games. i think we have struggled with that. the one-run ball games and extra inning games. you know, we have the tools. we have the players here. we just need to find it, put it together. >> and so the a's take the series victory over their division rival. but the true test comes on tuesday when the team takes the field in detroit. right now the a's do have the third worst road record in the american league. at the coliseum, i'm kate longworth, nbc sports. >> thanks, kate. in golf, darren clarke wins the 140th british open. he takes the claret jug.
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big win pour the giants and a's and celebrate the '80s day, a success for all. how about that, guys? celebrate the '80s day. >> you are looking good, jim. >> i need a low top fade going. >> all right. that's going to do it for us. good night. and now another viewpoint, response to an nbc bay area editorial. >> after our leaders in the state senate and assembly refused to let legislators open their calendars, viewers supported our stand demanding transparency. joan reasoned they work for us. we should be able to see what they do all day on our nickel. peter shares this feels outrageous and certainly wrong, but my question is why do they feel so threatened? it is litigation? is it the corruption of money and lobbyists? the real story seems to be the why. we agree, peter. our lawmakers owe us an explanation. gary concludes, typical politics at its worst. so sad.


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